Commercial Pest Control


BIOPESTS State of the Art 24/7 cover provides the reassurance that your business is protected with a wide range of services providing around the clock protection.

Need to protect your Business from Unwanted Visitors?

Pests, such as mice rats, wasps, ants, bedbugs, fleas, moths or cockroaches can cause serious disruption to your business and harm your reputation. Whether you currently have a pest problem or you simply wish to protect your business we can offer an effective solution that meets your needs.

Contact us at BIOPEST we will be glad to help support your business.

Our Complete Pest Control Solution

Discreet Vehicles and Service

We provide discreet Pest Control Services and Solutions for all our customers; contact us today for more information. All issues treated are confidential. 

Competitive Pest Control

We offer complete Solutions tailored for your needs. Our decades of experience and complete understanding of every pest situation ensures we will only offer the right advice and the right service for your business.

Highly Qualified & Fully Licensed

Qualified Pest Control Experts fully understand the pests habit, nature and biology to ensure the pest program they put in place protects your business 24/7, providing recommendations such as proofing and housekeeping to keep pests at bay.

Effective Response

If you do have a pest, you want reassurance that someone will be there for you. At BIOPEST we have someone available all day, every day. With our 24 / 7 Commercial Cover you can be reassured we will be always be there for you. Once contact has been made and a visit has been scheduled we will arrive at or before the appointed time

The BIOPEST Family

Once you have become a BIOPEST customer, any future need or requirement you may have comes with additional concessions including preferential treatment slots and discounted prices.

Health & Safety

We adhere to all health and safety guidelines; you can be safe in the knowledge that our experts take all precautionary measures before and after visits.

Whether it be long-standing pest issues, or a pest control related non-conformance raised during an audit, BIOPEST can assist. Our inspections have the following objectives.

We can identify the nature, extent and root cause of long-standing infestations, which others often miss.

Common Pests

BIOPEST can manage and identify any pest issues. Offering Intelligent Pest Management solutions, throughout Munster and beyond.

BIOPEST Consultancy and Inspection services

BIOPEST Industry Experts can provide support to food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, hospitality, retail, foodservice, heritage and property management companies and organisations throughout Ireland.

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Efficient Solutions

Our Pest Control Experts are trained to the highest standards.

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Right Advice, Right Treatment, Right Price.

Irish Company

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