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Did you know :

Once they find food, they will leave a Pheromone trail for other ants to follow, meaning more ants are on their way into your building.

Have multiple colonies around the building. Getting rid of one nest may not solve the problem.

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Live for decades and have millions of young.
Lay up to 800 eggs in a single day.


Three species of ants are generally found in Ireland, the most common Black Garden Ant, the Rogers Ant and the tropical Pharaohs Ant. Identify them incorrectly and you can be in a whole lot of trouble, applying the wrong treatment and making the problem much worse. Our specialised Ant treatments ensure the right solution is applied, we limit the use of chemical sprays and use the ants natural trailing habit to target the colony and provide a long term solution.

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Common Ants :

Black Garden Ant

These ants can be up to 4-5mm in size but the Queen can be as big as 15mm. Queens lay their eggs in the spring in nests that are typically in soil but can be in brickwork or under bark. Garden Ants are attracted to sweet foods and leave a pheromone trail back to their nests for other ants to follow to the food source.

Rogers Ant

Reddish brown in colour with workers 2mm in length .1 large segment at the pedicel. First two segments of the abdomen are constricted and a sting present. Workers forage randomly and lay no trails as live prey are hunted, especially springtails. Rarely seen outdoors but prefer damp locations, particularly in crevices around drainage areas, and is not confined to heated premises.

Pharaoh Ant

These ants can be up to 1.5 -2mm long and the Queen is 4 – 6mm long. Yellow-brown colour Pharoah’s Ants originate from the tropics and require artificial heat in order to survive and reproduce and tend to live in large heated buildings such as hospitals, hotels and blocks of flats. This ant’s diet is largely of decomposing foodstuffs and it carries harmful germs picked up from when it has been feeding.

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