Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs

Although Bedbugs have not been proven to transmit any disease, the main problems associated with Bedbugs are:


Bedbugs constantly lay eggs; a mother has the ability to lay up to 500 eggs in a two month period, meaning your problem could soon be an epidemic.


Bedbugs can be easily moved to a completely new site via clothes or luggage


A bedbug could feasibly go a whole year without feeding.


Treatment often involves multiple visits for effective bed bug removal services and may involve turning beds upside down, cleaning curtains, moving wardrobes and treating adjoining rooms. If a hotel room is infested, the accommodation on the next floor up and the floor below must also be treated. A different insecticide, or alternative non-chemical control method has to be used on each visit as bed bugs often demonstrate resistance to certain chemical insecticides.

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Bed bugs can be devastating to your business, causing you to lose rooms and your reputation.

As with any treatment, success depends on correct identification of the species and the extent of the problem.

At BIOPEST we have extensive experience with bedbug issues offering and implementing the most complete treatment strategies available. Once eradicated, we offer our ‘REST ASSURED’ complete Bed Bug Package providing 24/7 monitoring, early warning and staff education to prevent the insect before it becomes a problem.

For the likes of Hotels, student accommodation blocks and hostels we have the capability to offer Bedbug awareness training to staff - the secret with effective Bed Bug control is early detection, remember Knowledge is power.

Bedbugs are essentially designed to avoid detection, spending long periods of time in their harbourage (hiding place) digesting the blood meal they have ingested. They can hide in the smallest of places like mattress seams, behind peeling wallpaper, in electrical equipment (plug sockets) etc. They are very resilient - in the absence of a host(you) they can go up to a year without feeding and in some instances have developed tolerance to certain insecticides.

BIOPEST REST ASSURED Bed Bug Package includes monitoring, training, visuals and treatments for total protection - Enquire today!

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