Moth Control

Common Moths :

Common Clothes Moth

The common clothes moth larvae are responsible for making irregular hoes in fabrics. It is the larvae that cause all the damage as the adult does not feed.

Case Bearing Clothes Moth

More rare than a common clothes moth, larval casing takes on the colour of the fabric it consumes, so can be difficult to spot.

Brown House Moth

Brown in colour, with three of four darker spots, the Brown House Moth Larvae feed on animal textiles like wool, leather and feathers.


Moths do not represent any sort of threat to your health, but they can cause significant damage to clothing and furniture. Various fabrics, furs, leather and carpets could be ruined by a moth, so if you have spotted some destruction, get in touch now. As well as servicing domestic areas, we also welcome commercial clients. Perhaps your offices have encountered a pest problem and you need a professional team to deal with it. Well, here at Biopest, we have the expertise to handle a bigger space if needs be.

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