Textile Pest Control

Common Textile Pests :

Varied Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetle larvae, known as ‘woolly bear’, are banded in appearance and covered in short bristles – up to 5mm. They feed on feathers, fur, hair, or wool and tend to wander along the pipes from roofs into airing cupboards – which house the clothes and blankets which constitute the food.

Fur Beetle

An oval black beetle 4-6mm long with a white spot on each wing case. They can often be detected by their cast-off skins as they moult. Grubs feed on fur, hair, skins, feathers and wool and may damage the upholstery.

Leather Beetle

Forewings hard and leathery, meeting along mid-line of dorsal surface; hind- wings membranous, sometimes lacking; biting mouthparts; well- developed thorax; complete metamorphosis with egg, larval, pupal and adult stages.


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